Tenor Sticks (Smooth Grip)




Made from UK manufactured birch dowels with latex rubber tip. Produced with care and attention, each stick is matched for weight and size.

Pick your colour of smooth rubber grip to provide a decorative and functional addition. Each stick is also varnished to give an attractive and long lasting finish.

Can’t find the colour you’re after? Get in touch to request it and see if your dream stick really can come true.

Options help:

Weight: Usually down to personal preferance, though a lighter stick will generally sound better in a solo environment, whilst your Panorama drillmaster will complain if you use anything but the heaviest 😉 . Unless you have a definate light or heavy play style, choose the standard weight to suit both.

Tips: Regular tips are recommended for low register tenors (eg. Low C Tenors, G Tenors, G-Pan, etc) whilst hard tips are recommended for high register or retro style pans (High C aka. D Tenor, Invaders). For the most part though, there’s not a massive difference between the two other than cosmetic.

Additional information

Stick Diameter




Average Weight

14.5g (Light), 16.5g (Standard), 18.5g (Heavy)


Wood – Paper Birch (Stick), Polyethylene (Grip), Latex Rubber (Tip)


Clear Gloss Varnish


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