Tenor (Smooth Grip)


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Please note: The white and orange colour grips include black text printed on them which cannot be removed.

into’s varnished sticks with added smooth-style grips. Produced with care and attention, each stick is matched for weight and size.

Pick your colour of smooth rubber grip to provide a decorative and functional addition. Can’t find the colour you’re after? Get in touch to see if your dream stick really can come true.

Options FAQ:

Weight: A lighter stick will usually sound better in a solo environment, though a heavier one will help in a group setting. Or simply choose the standard weight to suit both.

Tips: Soft tips are recommended for beginners and low register pans (eg. Low C Tenors, G Tenors, G-Pan) whilst standard or hard tips are recommended for high register and retro style pans (eg. High C / D Tenor, Invaders). There’s not a massive difference between the two, however the standard tips will be more familiar to most regular players.

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14.5g (Light), 16.5g (Standard), 18.5g (Heavy)


Wood – Paper Birch (Stick), Polyethylene (Grip), Natural Rubber (Tip)


Clear Gloss Varnish


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