Bass Sticks (Basic)




into’s most basic stick, made from UK manufactured birch dowels with 60mm diameter ribbed sponge ball tip. Balls are not glued on, so can be removed and replaced or altered as you see fit.

These sticks come without grips or varnish but are still produced with care and attention, with each stick matched for weight and size.

Available at our cheapest price, these are perfect for school or workshop useage.

Options help:

Length: A total of 30cm* from bottom of stick to top of ball is the most common commercially available length, however some players prefer them slightly longer especially if you play 9 or 12 bass. Not sure? Get the longer one, you can always saw the end off if it’s too long. Pro tip: take the ball off and saw that end; you won’t see the mess you make once the ball’s put back on πŸ˜€ . *Note: As the ball is not drilled the whole way through, the stick is approx. 1.5cm shorter than the full length – this means if you want a wooden stick that’s 30cm without the ball, the 31.5cm product will provide that.

Ball Size: Most pan tuners, manufacturers and tutors prefer lighter balls, and the 3/4 size prevents them getting all annoyed and grumpy at you. The full size however saves me some work, and allows you to cut it to your own preference. Pro tip #2: score a cirle with a stanley blade, then use a hacksaw to cut the rest of the way through πŸ˜‰ .

Additional information


30cm, 31.5cm




Approx. 14 – 15g


Wood (Paper Birch)


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